The Law of Attraction is in effect whether we are aware of it or not, it just “IS” . This Universal Law will affect your life by default, OR you can intentionally manifest your desires. I will teach you practical skills that you can begin to apply to your daily life immediately. Life is much easier when you become a deliberate creator.

Life Coaches act as partners, helping clients to recognize their own abilities to find the right direction and to address challenges along the way. Coaching clients are people with normal challenges and unfulfilled dreams. Holistic/Spiritual Life Coaching integrates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.


I help my clients access their full potential and become powerful creators of the lives they desire and deserve. Law of Attraction Coaching takes a different approach - designing one’s life, and taking action to realize one’s dreams. With my guidance, you will learn how to implement Law of Attraction teachings and reach into the magnificent realms of manifestation.


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Hi, my name is Mary Beth Schrudder, and I am a Transformational Life Coach and the author/creator of Addiction Recovery with the Law of Attraction - A deck of 44 Cards.


I specialize in teaching transformational Law of Attraction methods that promote an energetic shift in the areas you need it most - relationships, marriage, divorce, mindset, happiness, freedom from addiction, optimal fitness, life purpose, and career.


Parents, I even work with teenagers who are feeling stuck, or may need general guidance.


My mission is to guide and empower people using Law of Attraction principles and intuitive problem-solving. You have probably already heard about the Law of Attraction, but applying it to your daily life can be tricky and feel overwhelming.


As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, my life-changing coaching will help you step outside of your comfort zone, and together, we will create extraordinary results using innovative techniques. We can work with any area of your life, but examples are love and relationships, fitness and weight loss, life purpose/career, and addiction recovery - alcohol, food, and even relationship addiction. I have successfully used these methods in my own life, and I will help you do the same!

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You are already AMAZING, so why hire a Life Coach? Here is what I can do for YOU:



Career goals, physical goals, relationship goals, you name it! Accountability is helpful for EVERYONE. Even coaches need coaches!



Discussing your thoughts and fears with a coach will inevitably bring awareness to old beliefs that no longer serve you. I will help you move beyond perceived barriers that have been preventing real progress. 


Are you feeling “lost”, or having a difficult time trying to figure out your life purpose? We will work together to help you discover what you are truly meant for and remove blocks standing in your way.



Once you gain greater self-awareness and insight into your behaviors via our coaching sessions, I will help you make actionable plans to change behaviors that are preventing your success.

Addiction Recovery With the Law of Attraction
 - A Deck of 44 cards -